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Pseudo HTTP Daemon

Leash Your ComputerWhether you use a "hosts" file or a "PAC" file to block web content, you end up with error messages in your browser. Maybe that's okay for you. Maybe you don't care and your browser feels the same way. However, if the error messages bother you or your browser, you need some kind of web server that can impersonate the bad web sites and give your browser something other than an error message. Hopefully that "something else" is a nice invisible image. Just as hopefully, you can get a log of everything that's been impersonated -- so you know what you've been protected from.

Henry's written a Perl script (download via the link on the left) that handles everything quite nicely on Unix systems. Unfortunately. you would have to load PERL on Windows to use it. You will be better served on Windows using either "Homer" or some other software similar to it. We prefer Homer because it does logging. But the choice is up to you. We have startup short cuts for Homer and tweaks to give you a nice invisible image for pictures at startup. Never underestimate the value of a good log of what is being blocked.

All downloads on this site for both Unix and Windows systems use 7-Zip format compression. It gives the maximum compression ratio and is GPL licensed. You can even get binary installs for Linux and our auto downloader / installers on MS-Windows depend on this program to do all the work for you with UnixUtils. You can get the 7-Zip program here: 7-Zip Program