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Leash Your ComputerPAC files must be enabled on a per-application and per-user basis. This means you can have a PAC (Proxy Access Control) file limiting browser access to web pages on (for example) Internet Explorer, but not for Firefox. Or vice-versa.  Or both. It's up to you.  You can even have access limited for your children, but not for you. Of course, this assumes your children have different logins to your computer!

This flexibility has a down side, of course: You have to enable the PAC file for every application and every user that needs it. 

Check the download links to the left to find different PAC files, installation directions, and installation scripts. Note that Henry and Eric have different and incompatible ideas about how and where to install a PAC file.  To help you decide which you want, consider that Henry does most of the testing and updates his code regularly. Eric tests his code once and figures it never needs updating. Yes, this web page was written by Eric.

All downloads on this site for both Unix and Windows systems use both 7zip (*.7z) and Zip (*.zip) format compression. The wonderful GPL 7-Zip program is available here: 7-Zip Program

WARNING! The formats of the files and the auto-downloaders have changed to show the language being used. The reason for this is given on the blog: SecureMecca Blog This was done to put everything in one downloads folder and to not have me (HHH) trampling on myself. This will cause problems for the average user, but only users with much higher than normal intelligence seem to be using this PAC filter anyway. If you are using the auto downloaders you will need the new ones. English Downloader Français Downloader Although people didn't know it, I have had the Français versions of the packages for some time. Just take a look at the Downloads folder Downloads Folder and you will see them all there. The problem is not everything has been translated to Français and we really do need to finish that before pushing everything out with a dedicated Français web site.